All About Jazz Pakistan

Jazz, previously known as Mobilink, is the leading mobile telecom company in Pakistan. A brand that has been serving Pakistan for the last 30 years with high-quality services. It connects 75 million Pakistanis across thousands of cities. The services justify the company’s motto: connecting and empowering the common people. Jazz in Pakistan is a great success story. The first company that ever-brought SMS services to Pakistan, a company that justified the true meaning of the 4G network. A network that works flawlessly on the highest hill stations and the remotest deserts is one of the reasons why the number of subscribers has risen sharply. No wonder the entire country has so much faith and belief in the company. In recent times Jazz has ventured into digital wallets and mobile applications with more than 7 million active users; they’ve come a long way.

Essential services

Jazz has both prepaid and postpaid telecom services. If you’re a prepaid sim user, you can recharge easily using a card or get an easy load from your nearest phone shop. If you’re a postpaid sim user, you only need to add credit once a month and are ready to go. Here are some key details regarding Jazz packages and services.

Jazz WhatsApp Helpline 0300-3008000

Jazz provides customer services via WhatsApp, a convenient feature. You only need to WhatsApp “Hi” on 03003008000. You’ll get information about your current billing amount, existing package, last month’s invoice, and other services. It offers a different range of services for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

How to check the Jazz balance on your phone? *111#

Jazz provides straightforward and basic SSD codes for its users. You can simply dial their helpline (111) and inquire about your balance. Or you can dial the code *111#, and your balance will show up in a small pop-up message. The charges for this service are minuscule.

How to take a loan in Jazz if you’re out of credit? *112#

Jazz truly cares about its loyal users and customers. Hence if you’re left high and dry, Jazz has your back. You don’t need to worry if you’re out of balance. A simple SSD code will help you get a loan immediately. You just need to type *112#, and Jazz will transfer Rs. 15 into your account.

How to load a Jazz card on your cell phone? *123* 14-digit code #

Well, it is as simple as it gets. You can load a card on your mobile phone in two ways. The first way is to call on the helpline number 111 simply and after getting into the menu, simply type your code. The second way is a little tricky, but once you understand it, it’s a piece of cake. You need to read the instructions on the card and type this in your call log (*123* 14-digit code #). Once done, you are good to go.

How to share balance from Jazz to Jazz? *100*Jazz number*specific amount#

Sharing Jazz to Jazz balance is also a convenient service. If you feel like transferring your balance to another Jazz number, Jazz has your back.  You can share Jazz balance with your friends and relatives by a simple Jazz share code formula. By typing a simple code, you can share the Jazz balance with a minimum limit of Rs. 15 and a maximum limit of Rs. 200 in a single day. You must type (*100*Jazz number*specific amount#) to complete your balance transfer.

How to check your Jazz number? *99#

To check the Jazz number mentioned on your sim card, you simply need to follow this single step. Go into your call menu, type the SSD code *99#, and your Jazz number will open in a small window. There’s another way of checking your sim card number, 

  • Android

Open Settings => Go to About phone/device => Open Status/phone identity

  • Apple/ iPhone

Open Settings => Go to phone => Open my Number

How to subscribe to Jazz daily packages?

Jazz offers a wide range of multiple daily packages. These packages can range from Jazz minutes to Jazz MBs to SMS packages. Here are the daily packages,

Offer nameVolumeSSD code price
Jazz Daily Day Bundle300 Free minutes, 300 SMS, 20 on-net MB InternetDial *340#Rs.17 (Incl. tax)
Jazz daily super plus500 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 5 off-net minutes, 500 MBs, 500 SMSDial *558#Rs.31(Incl. tax)
Punjab daily offerUnlimited on-net Minutes, 1000
SMS, 250 MBs Internet
Dial *6000#RS.12 (Incl. tax)
DAILYYOUTUBE & SOCIAL1.5 GB DATAfor YouTube, WhatsApp & FacebookDial*968#Rs.23 (Incl. Tax

10 MB DATA WhatsApp​
1800 SMS
Dial*334#Rs.8 (Incl. Tax)
Daily Mega1Gb Data for 24 hours*117*4#Rs.35 (Incl. Tax)

How to subscribe Jazz weekly packages?

Jazz has a variety of weekly bundles, which leaves customers with a lot of choices. These bundles are economical and easily affordable. They are making Jazz more and more customer oriented. Here are the weekly packages.

Offer namevolumepriceSSD code
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer1500 On-Net Minutes, 60 Off-Net Minutes, 1500 SMS, 6GB Internet (3GB from 2 AM to 2 PM)Rs. 274(Incl. tax)*770#
Jazz Weekly Super Plus5000 On-Net+ 80 Off-Net Minutes, 5000 SMS, 12 GB InternetRs. 282(Incl. tax)*505#
Jazz Weekly Hybrid1000 On-Net Minutes, 30 Off-Net Minutes, 1000 SMS, 1GB InternetRs.140 (Incl. tax)*407#
Jazz Weekly All Network1000 On-net+ 60 Off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, 3 GB InternetRs. 191 (Incl. tax)*700#
Weekly Super Max6000 Jazz Mins, 100 off-net mins, 6000 SMS, 30 GB InternetRs. 337 (Incl. tax)*506#
Weekly PREMIUM4 GB DATA, 50 All Network MinsRs.212 (Incl. Tax)*117*47#
Lajawab HaftawarOFFER2.5 GB ​DATA, 500 Jazz Mins, 25 Other Network Mins, 2500 SMSRs.75 (Incl. Tax)*565#
Weekly MEGA PLUS15 GB + 10 GB DATA (2 AM – 2 PM) FREE TAMASHARs.338 (Incl. Tax)*453#

How to subscribe to Jazz Monthly packages?

Diversity and Jazz go hand in hand. Hence to facilitate its users, even more, Jazz offers wonderful monthly packages. These packages offer a little of everything.  Here is a list of the vast monthly offers. And here’s another fun fact, if you subscribe to these offers but fail to use the complete bundle, the bundle is added to your new package once you renew the offer. Hence Jazz has you covered completely.

Package NameVolumePriceSSD code
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle10,000 On-Net Minutes (333/day & Unlimited onRs.695 (Incl. tax)*430#
Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer300 on-net Minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 2000 SMS, 4 GB WhatsApp, BiP & IMORs.149 (Incl. tax)*614#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper3000 on-net Minutes, Off-net 165 Minutes, 8 GB Internet, 3000 SMSRs. 780 (Incl. tax)*706#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer5000 On-Net Minutes, 300 Off-Net Minutes, 5000 SMS, 17 GB InternetRs. 1000 Incl. tax (13% off)*707#
Super Mahana Offer5000 on-net, 150 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS, 10 GB Internet (5GB from 2AM to 2 PM)Rs. 454 incl. tax*529#
MONTHLY PREMIUM25 GB DATA300 All Network MinsRs.739 (Incl. Tax)*2000#
Monthly SUPREME24 GB DATA(12 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)Rs.699 (Incl. Tax)*117*32#

How to unsubscribe Jazz packages? SMS 6611

Unsubscribing any bundle or offer is also a pretty simple job. You just need to type (unsub) and send an SMS to 6611 to unsubscribe from the current package.

How to check Jazz internet MBs? *6363#

Jazz internet MBs can be checked in a pretty simple way. You can directly check them using the Jazz world app or you can check them by dialing the SSD code *6363#. You will receive a small popup message informing you about the remaining MBs.

How to make JazzCash account? *786#

The JazzCash account is an actual bank account you can operate from your phone. Jazz Cash account can be registered on any network’s number. The method is pretty simple. You just need to dial *786# from your mobile phone. Then you’re supposed to type your CNIC number followed by the issuance date of your CNIC. After this, you need to download the JazzCash application on your device and register your four-digit pin. That’s it, and you’re good to go. 

How to check Jazzcash balance? *786#

You can check your Jazz Cash balance directly by opening the JazzCash application. You can dial the SSD code *786# if you don’t have the application. This will lead you to an automated menu, where you’ll only need to follow the instructions. The machine will tell you your balance.

How to delete the Jazz cash account?

This can be a little tiring. To delete your JazzCash account,  you’ll have to call the customer care center and speak to the representative. He will then manually delete your Jazz cash account.

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