Zong Pakistan

Zong is Pakistan’s second-largest GSM service provider. Zong has 28 million subscribers, making it the third-largest network in terms of users. Zong began its operations in 2008. Its growth was eventual. It was the first Pakistani telecommunication company to bring 3G and 4G internet services to Pakistan. Its services were always up to the mark, leading to its gradual popularity. As of now, Zong is known for its immaculate internet service and countrywide network service with zero connectivity issues. Even in the remotest parts of the country, their network never disappoints. Here is a small insight into what the company offers.

Zong Helpline Number

Zong offers swift customer care to its subscribers. It has a very fast and hassle-free helpline service. Their helpline number is 310. It is available 24/7. You will first be connected to an Interactive Voice Response system. Which will then direct you to a customer care representative, the charges for this service are very minuscule.

How to check Zong balance?

Zong balance can be checked simply via the Zong mobile application. Or you can simply dial *222# on your dialer, and a small window showing our balance will pop up.

Zong Daily packages

Zong offers its loyal customers a wide range of economical daily packages. These packages can be subscribed directly through the Zong website or using the SSD codes. Here is a list of all the daily packages.

Package Name VolumePriceSSD code
DAILY BASIC100MB internetRs. 23 *6464#
DAILY DATA MAX1GB, Total Data500MB Internet500MB YouTubeRs. 49*6464#
DAILY VOICE OFFER Zong to Zong calls (20 minutes per day)Rs. 5*45#
DAILY SMS + WHATSAPP BUNDLE 1MB Internet,500SMS,30MBWhatsapp Rs. 7*6464#
Daily Social Offer1.5 GB Internet.Rs. 23*6464#
SHANDAAR DAILY OFFER50MB, Internet.Unlimited Zong Mins, 800 SMSRs. 17+Tax*999#
DAILY KARACHI LBCUnlimited Zong Mins, 125MBInternetRs. 13 +tax*544#
DAILY PUNJAB OFFER150MB Internet, 40Off-net Mins, 500 Zong Mins, 500 SMSRs. 37*6464#
BOL LAHORE OFFER300 Zong Mins, 50 Off-net Mins,150MB Internet, 500 SMSRs. 26*2233#
Daily Day Time offer*1.5 GB (4AM- 7PM)Rs. 23Dial *47#
Daily Good Night offer (Expires at 9 AM)2.5GBRs. 23*6464#

Zong Weekly packages

Zong has a lot to offer to its customers. When it comes to the number and diversity of bundles, Zong is the king of all networks. Zong has a wide range of weekly packages. These include all sorts of lucrative offers. Here is a list of these amazing offers.

Package Name VolumePrice (Rs)SSD code
WEEKLY HLO12GB InternetUnlimited* Zong Mins100 Off-net MinsUnlimited* SMS*(fair usage 5000 SMS/Mins)Rs. 340*70#
WEEKLY AIO4GB Internet60 Off-net Mins5000 Zong Mins5000 SMSRs. 220*6464# > 4 > 1 > 2 
WEEKLY PREMIUM30GB Internet180 Off-net MinUnlimited* Zong MinsUnlimited* SMS*(fair usage 5000 SMS/Mins)Rs. 385*225#
SUPER WEEKLY PLUS 8GB Total Data60 Off-net MinsUnlimited Zong MinsUnlimited SMSRs. 290*20#
Lahore Super Offer5GB Internet40 Off-net Mins1000 Zong Mins1000 SMS Rs. 120*4466#
MEGA DATA OFFER100 GB internet(1AM to 9AM)Rs. 110*808#
WEEKLY PRO40GB Internet250 Off-net MinsUnlimited Zong MinsUnlimited SMSRs. 399*794#
WEEKLY MALAKAND OFFER3GB Internet100 Off-net Mins1000 Zong Mins1000 SMSRs. 160*595#
HAFTAWAR PUNJAB OFFER3GB Internet100 Off-net Mins1000 Zong Mins1000 SMSRs. 160*476#
SUPER RECHARGE OFFER1.5GB Internet300 Zong Mins25 Off-net Mins700 SMSRs. 50*3454#
SUPER WEEKLY OFFER4GB internetRs. 200*2#
SUPER WEEKLY MAX25 GB InternetRs. 365*220#
STAY AT HOME BUNDLE10GB Internet1000 Zong MinsRs. 120*3434#
WEEKLY VIDEO8GBInternet for YouTube and TikTokRs. 150*570#
SHANDAAR HAFTAWAAR OFFERZong Mins40Off-net Mins500MBInternet500SMSRs. 120+tax*7#

Zong Monthly packages

If you’re looking for extremely diverse and economical monthly bundles, Zong has you covered. Zong has to offer you some of the finest monthly bundles. Here’s a list of all the monthly packages.

Package Name VolumePriceSSD code
MONTHLY SUPER CARD10GB Internet250 Off-net MinsUnlimited*Zong MinsUnlimited*SMS*(fair usage 5000 SMS/Mins)Rs. 699*50#
MONTHLY SUPREME20GB Internet5000 Zong Mins350 Off-net Mins5000 SMSRs. 999*3030#
MONTHLY SUPREME PUNJAB22GB Total Data400 Off-net Mins5000 Zong Mins5000 SMS10GB Internet12GB YouTubeRs. 1000*4545#
MAHANA PUNJAB OFFER4GB Total Data400 Off-net Mins3000 Zong Mins3000 SMSRs. 575*676#
MONTHLY PRO40GB Internet600 Off-net Mins10000Zong Mins10000 SMSRs. 1249*1500#
FAMILY BUNDLE40GBInternet10GB WhatsApp10GB Facebook600 Off-net Mins15000 Zong Mins15000 SMSRs. 2000*505#
SUPERSTAR OFFER8GB Internet500 Off-net Mins3000 Zong Mins3000 SMS Rs. 575 *7070#
MONTHLY SUPER OFFER30GB Total Data5000 Zong Mins450 Off-net Mins20GB Internet6GB YouTube4GB WhatsApp5000 SMSRs. 1299*4567#
STAR PRE-LOAD MONTHLY POWER PACK SIM 5002.5GB Internet, 1000 Zong Mins, 50Off-net Mins, 1000 SMSRs. 500 +Tax*6464#
SHANDAAR MAHANA OFFER1000 Zong Mins100 Off-net Mins1GB Internet1000 SMSRs. 305 +tax*1000#
MONTHLY SMS + WHATSAPP BUNDLE500/Day SMS30MB/Day WhatsAppRs. 75*705#
MONTHLY 5GB5GB InternetRs. 299*6464#
MONTHLY 20GB20GB (including 10 GB 1 AM to 9 AM)Rs. 575*6464#
MONTHLY 40GB40 GB Data (including 20 GB 1 AM to 9 AM)Rs. 899*6464#
MONTHLY SOCIAL12GB*Internet250 Zong Mins50 Off-net Mins250 SMSRs. 240*6000#
MONTHLY SOCIAL MINI6GBInternet (Facebook and WhatsApp)Rs. 130*250#
IMO OFFER2.5GB on IMORs. 80*466#
MONTHLY WHATSAPP PLUS5GB (WA+IMO)WhatsApp30 Off-net Mins200Zong Mins200 SMSRs. 160*4000#

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